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Bjerke vgs. is a Norwegian high school located in Oslo. Due to the Covid-19 virus, they needed a digital platform to promote their school, communicating with students, and attract new searchers. Johnsrud Media has been helping them with exactly this, we have created a new and rebranded website for them to display relevant information and communicate with students. The result? An engaging online platform already used by thousands of both potential and established students, and parents.

Digital Marketing for Zpikes

Digital Marketing for Zpikes

Running all the marketing activities for Zpikes is a task we have got the honor of doing. Through hard work and good results, they have had the opportunity to really establish themselves in the market.
2019 Results:
3x ROI
2.168.000kr in sales from Facebook
95 campaigns
688.000 people reached

What They Say


Innovative and cooperative

Kristoffer is an innovative, cooperative and technical problem solver. He has contributed to rebuild, design and promote Bjerke vgs schools home page. Helping us craft new ways of communicating with our students. He is proactive and has a holistic and professional way of working to ensure that our communication platform work well together with our needs for promotion. His work has helped to promote our school and brand in a new way. I can highly recommend working with Kristoffer.

Mette Olden - Temporary Headmaster at Bjerke vgs.

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