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We help E-commerce businesses increase their revenue through high-converting websites and Facebook Ads.

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What We Do


Web Design

We develop websites that convince not only Google, but also your customers.
Need a professional website that will represent your brand in the best way possible? Our web design team works with passion, we always priorities quality over quantity. We develop websites that strategically blend user experience with brand storytelling.
Responsive Design
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Websites that work on all devices and screen resolutions, so your visitors have the best user experience. With Responsive Design, too little text on smartphones and back and forth zooming are a thing of the past.
Content Management System
Complete and efficient control of your website. In simple terms, a CMS is a database that manages the contents (images, texts, etc.). By linking this database to elements on the website, they become dynamic. Thus, a blog with hundreds of posts can be easily implemented and managed.
Search engine optimization is very important, because your website deserves to be found in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Thats why we already have the search engine optimization in mind during the design process. This increases your visitor numbers and ideally your sales.
Security is an important issue these days. It's good to know that our websites are encrypted using SSL. Data is exchanged between the server and the browser of your visitors via a secure connection. Without encryption, all data to be transmitted can be viewed on the Internet and manipulated by third parties with little effort.
Fast Loading Times
Nothing disturbs surfing the web more than a website that loads very slowly. Already 40% of the visits leave the site if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. Google also measures the loading time of a website and ranked the page accordingly in the search results. The speed optimization included in our service ensures more visitors and an increased chance to rank 1st place on Google.
Content Strategy & Usability
The right content structure and intuitive user guidance improve the user experience. Therefore, it is important to define the content first so that the design can be adapted to the content & message as best as possible later on.

Paid Advertising

We make sure that the right message is landing to the right audience.
Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your benefits come into play.
We want to bring your brand to your desired audience, and continue to engage your existing audience. We combine our traditionally marketing knowledge with factual, data-driven research to craft custom campaigns with results you can see.

Clients About Us


A serious partner

Kristoffer designed and developed websites for two of my companies. I was amazed by his ability to quickly react to my feedback in the design stage, as well as his professional and proactive attitude during the development stage.
I am impressed by the result Kristoffer created and I personally recommend him for anyone who is looking for a serious partner who will take care of the website activities. Kristoffer does that with huge responsibility, short implementation time and easygoing communication.

Neo ross - Profit Growth Strategist & Speaker

Highly recommended!

Kristoffer has the most extraordinary work ethic of any young person I have ever met. He is highly service-minded and dedicated to quality deliveries in everything he does. Highly recommended!

Ina von Turow - Founder & CEO of FNDR

Amazing results

It is a great pleasure working with Johnsrud Media! Kristoffer has built a very good eCommerce site and funnel for Zpikes that we are very proud of. He also has the responsibility for our Digital Marketing and shows amazing results. Facebook ads have an average 3 times return on investment. Kristoffer shows a good eye for design and is very professional and hardworking. He is not afraid to put in the hours. With his willingness to work hard and be the best, the limitations for the young man is beyond the sky limit.

Marius Enerhaugen - Founder of Zpikes

Proactive and professional

Kristoffer has helped me run several ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads, where he optimized, monitored and created new ads. He is proactive, professional and always shares insightful and constructive input. Working with Kristoffer was very easy. Highly recommended!

Åsmund Holtan - Martech Specialist in Coupler

Innovative and cooperative

Kristoffer is an innovative, cooperative and technical problem solver. He has contributed to rebuild, design and promote Bjerke vgs schools home page. Helping us craft new ways of communicating with our students. He is proactive and has a holistic and professional way of working to ensure that our communication platform work well together with our needs for promotion. His work has helped to promote our school and brand in a new way. I can highly recommend working with Kristoffer.

Mette Olden - Temporary Headmaster at Bjerke vgs.

Made the process easy

We desperately needed a new website to showcase our ever larger portfolio of high quality photographs of cars for our existing and new potential customers. Kristoffer made the process easy and tailored the website to our needs and wishes. Updates, error fixes, and ideas are quickly implemented to make sure we are never behind on quality, and never let customers get away. I would use Kristoffer for all my web development needs.

Ketil Danielssen - CEO of Fotofocus AS

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