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December 2019
Zpikes launched its product in Norway at the end of May 2019, from there we have worked to establish a solid brand. The result is an insane growth, media cover, and credibility. At the start of 2020 they are expanding to other countries, starting with Sweden. In addition to running all their marketing campaigns, we have built out a complex and technical e-commerce website in three languages.

Digital Marketing for Zpikes

Digital Marketing for Zpikes

Running all the marketing activities for Zpikes is a task we have got the honor of doing. Through hard work and good results, they have had the opportunity to really establish themselves in the market.
2019 Results:
3x ROI
2.168.000kr in sales from Facebook
95 campaigns
688.000 people reached

What They Say


Amazing results

It is a great pleasure working with Johnsrud Media! Kristoffer has built a very good eCommerce site and funnel for Zpikes that we are very proud of. He also has the responsibility for our Digital Marketing and shows amazing results. Facebook ads have an average 3 times return on investment. Kristoffer shows a good eye for design and is very professional and hardworking. He is not afraid to put in the hours. With his willingness to work hard and be the best, the limitations for the young man is beyond the sky limit.

Marius Enerhaugen - Founder of Zpikes

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